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2. Telephone Directory

3. Vendor Registration: 
Vendor Registration Procedure                      Registration Procedure for Local Purchase

        Registration Form:     Preliminary Form    Application Form           Registration Form for Local Purchase

        Registration Status:  
Status Code           Status of Applications    Renewal Status of Registration
                                          Registered Firms    Registered Firms (Category Wise)   Trade Group for Registration 
                                          Registered Firms (Trade Group Wise)

4. Tender Notices              

5. E-Tender (IREPS)
Instructions to tenderers & General Condition of Contract
7. IRS Conditions of contract
8. Month wise Purchase orders :         All PO Apr18 - Sep18         All POs from Oct-17 to Mar-18       2017-18

9. Scrap Disposal  :    (i)  E-Auction (IREPS)            (ii)  E-Sale (E-Auction) Conditions

10. Awardee:                   (i) GM (Individual)  (Group)     (ii)  PCMM

11. Indentors' Guide

12. Question Bank for Promotion from Group 'C'  to  Group 'B'

13. JPO & Office Order (under development)

14. Annual MSE Procurement profile:  2018-19  2017-18

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