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Mission Statement:

We shall:

  • Protect and safeguard railway passengers, passenger area and railway property.
  • Ensure the safety, security and boost the confidence of the traveling public in the Indian Railways.


We shall:

  • Carry on an unrelenting fight against criminals in protecting railway passengers, passenger area and railway property.

  • Facilitate passenger-travel and security by removing all anti-social elements from trains, railway premises and passenger area.

  • Remain vigilant to prevent trafficking in women and children and take appropriate action to rehabilitate destitute children found in Railway areas.

  • Co-operate with other departments of the Railways in improving the efficiency and image of the Indian Railways.

  • Act as a bridge between the Government Railway Police/local police and the Railway administration.
  • Adopt proactively all modern technology, best human rights practices, management techniques and special measures for protection of female and elderly passengers and children, in the pursuit of these objectives.

Source : North Central Railways / Indian Railways Portal CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 19-02-2016